The Complete Regular Expressions Course with Exercises

Learn All Regular Expressions for PHP Javascript Python Java Ruby Perl and Unix systems with exercises from scratch.

In today’s world we have to deal with a lot of data coming from different sources.

Data from social media , blogs , companies anything you name. And for a developer its a hell of job for you to work only with relevant data whether you are searching a database, validating user inputs on forms or even in the process of building a website. And this is the place where RE can make your work a lot easy,.

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Knowing Regex, how to use regular expressions effectively is a valuable skill that can quickly take your skill-set to  top. Logic in programming language requires a long coding work but regular expressions can do the same job within 2 to 3 lines. Regular expressions are such an incredibly convenient tool, available across so many languages that most developers will learn them sooner or later.

RE act like a filter, and they will filter only relevant data which programmer asked for. So, They can save your time, reduce your coding work and increase your productivity. That’s why, RE is a must skill for back-End developers and Data Scientists,

In this course we will look into RE as a whole because they are supported in every Programming language and Unix based systems.

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Course Road-Map

  1. Setting up the environment

  2. Regular expression basic syntax

  3. working with simple text, characters, numbers

  4. Quantifiers and Repetitions

  5. Greedy and Lazy Approaches

  6. Learning Groups

  7. Advance Topics

  8. Group Capturing

  9. Back-References

  10. Assertions with all types

  11. All Exercise files

  12. Project

  • Regular Expressions for Names
  •  Regular Expressions for Email
  •  Regular Expressions for Website URL
  •  Regular Expressions for matching IP Addresses
  •  Regular Expressions for Dates
  •  Regular Expressions for  Times
  •  Regular Expressions for  Postal Codes
  •   Regular Expressions for matching credit card numbers 
  •  Regular Expressions for creating strong Passwords 

Who is this Course for?

  • Beginners
  • Back-End developers
  • Data Science Aspirants

No Knowledge required of Regular Expressions. This course will teach students everything about Regex from Scratch

If you are a complete beginner or want to take your skills at the next level this is the right course for you.

So, learn RE and tell others that you know how to work with texts easily better  than anyone else with the power of RE. Feel free to preview this course . I will see you inside.

This course is for complete beginners and for those who have some knowledge of Regular Expressions.

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