Learn Ultimate SQL and DataBase Concepts

Learn SQL and Database Core Concepts: This SQL Tutorial will cover all Major SQL concepts from Scratch.

SQL developers are earning higher salary in IT industry, but, its not about writing queries its about understanding and applying the right query at right time and this course will let you understand complex SQL Statements in an easy way .

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Moreover, This Course will teach you how to extract Data from Database and write complex queries to a database This course will focus on a wider scale by Covering Structure Query Language SQL concepts as a whole, whether Students work with MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Server, etc.

This course have 5 Chapters in which you will learn

  • Chapter 1  Fundamentals
  1. Fundamentals
  2. Building Blocks
  3. Selecting Records from DB
  4. Working with Arithmetic Expressions
  • Chapter 2 Conditioning Sorting and Operators 
  1. Logical Operators
  2. Comparison Operators
  3. Operator Precedence
  4. Sorting Results
  • Chapter 3 Functions 
  1. Character Functions
  2. Number Functions
  3. Date Functions
  4. Conversions
  5. General Purpose Functions
  6. Nesting Functions
  • Chapter 4 Grouping
  1. Multiple Row Functions on a single Table
  2. Multiple Row Functions on Many Table
  • Chapter 5 Joins
  1. Understanding Primary Key
  2. Understanding Foreign Key
  3. Understanding Need of Joins
  4. Cartesian Product
  5. Equie Join Simple Join Self Join
  6. Non Equie Join
  7. Outer Join
  8. Self Join

Course is Designed for College and University Students who want Solid SQL and Data Base Concepts in a short period of time.

Animation Course

Link to Course: https://codetoearn.com/p/ultimate-sql-and-database-concepts/?coupon_code=JAZEBWEBSITE

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