How to get Udemy Certificate on completion | worth mentioning in a CV Resume?

Udemy is not just a platform that teach people computer Programming courses. It has more wider  market than we can hardly imagine. its market can teach you from Cooking to Fitness from Counseling to Calculus and from article writing to learning about complex robotics. It has many courses in every niche with the variation in  Price,Quality and Quantity. Furthermore, after every course students can have their certificate of completion which we will discuss later rather it is worth having a Udemy certificate or not.

1st let me show you how you can get Udemy certificate according to update version of udemy site.First of all you need to complete all lectures of the course, of which you want certification. For example, Here is my top course on Udemy JavaScript Complete Programming Course. In red box you can see all the 38/38 items are completed. if you see the lectures are completed then you will be able to see the tiny little cup on extreme right position with green color which will indicate your completion. Now click on this little green cup

How to get udemy certificate

1st step to get udemy certificate

secondly in next window, most probably you will see this image certificate with the details of the course, instructor and with your name on top. Now just click on the download button and then you will have your certificate. Congratulations!! 🙂

how to get udemy certificate

How to Download udemy certificate

Is it worth to add Udemy Certificate in CV / Resume?

This is a bit tricky than you thought. According to some people adding more and more material in your CV/ Resume will be a disaster read full here. However, we have a positive side. As you know, Udemy offer variety  of courses, in fact there are over 13 million learners registered with Udemy  who are learning 40,000 courses taught by expert instructors.If you are one of these 13 million learners, then you should show your certificate on your social media Profiles. But Don’t add it in a resume because Udemy have not been recognized as equivalent to college degree and certification. Furthermore there are many low quality courses on udemy so you have to be carefull while adding udemy certificate in your resume.

Upload your certificate on ” ” and paste the link below in comments. if this article helped you.


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