4 Techniques needed to becoming a programmer

There are many things that can make you a good programmer. but lets see what we find out to becoming a better programmer.



As determination is the key of success whatever you do.if you new to ride a cycle you can not learn how to ride a bi-cycle without being fell out but if you are determinant then you will learn it after giving some tries. Similarly Learn to code or become a good programmer can never be done without determination. you need to be determinant on what you are doing. No matter how many times you fail you have to be work on it again and again until you are perfect.



Love what you are Doing


This is the 2nd most needed skill that you need while trying to be good. Love what you are doing. try to make it fun.Well its difficult in case some one drag you in programming. if you are doing it just because your parents want you to be computer programmer then try to accept it and learn.





Plan on change and learning new systems

programming languages

Don’t try to be stick with one programming language. like if you are Java developer then try to learn something that connected to web.Start from simple one try HTML or CSS then move to Javascript and so on. Never stop! As the technologies and Frame-Works are changing day by day if you stop then that day will prove to be your last day in the field of coding therefore you have to be familiar with other programming languages too.


Take inspiration from Geeks


there are many people with their tremendous work in the field of programming and computer science.
start with Dennis ritchie, Bill gates,Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg etc. i am sharing 1 video that can be worth full to give you bump.


Best programming Inspirational Video ever

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