Modern Web Design trends 2016


Using animation in your site is just perfect. Animations make your design more fun, and the motion attracts attention, which is often designer main goal. Just watch your bandwidth. and try to use animation that work perfect for client desire.


Use Humor for Text Errors

instead of showing error message as text  especially error messages like 404 pages — benefit from humor. At the very least, use a casual gif, human voice or image.

how to show 404 error message

courtesy Udemy


Still experimenting with navigation and menus

For Web designers ,they just can’t seem to get the navigation or menu of a website down. they are keep playing with it, experimenting day by day, hoping that one day they will find the accurate position for menus  Designer continue to experiment in ways to figure out what works best. For example, Shellshock done is experimenting with both the hamburger icon menu reveal with a cards inspired layout for their navigation.

Expect to see more experimentation as we work through trying to figure out how to do navigation and menus well. 


Playing with menus items


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